6 Tips On Staying Motivated

tips on staying motivated
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By Emil Villumsen

Co-founder of Craft


I’m motivated to work every day. 7 days a week.

That’s not totally accurate but there are only few days every month where I really don’t feel like working.

Lucky me, huh?

But it’s possible for you to feel the same way about work.

In this blog post I’ll share five ways that can help you sustain a feeling of work being enjoyable, even at Sundays or Monday mornings.

It’s not a one-size-fits-everyone solution, but it’s kept me going for years now, so something is probably useful to others than me.

Here we go.

1. Tired of this task? Do another one

If you’re lucky enough to be able to juggle tasks in your daily schedule — do so.

Avoid your batteries going empty by doing the first thing on the list per default. Instead always move to another task when you start feeling demotivated.

I do this every day. I list my tasks mentally and pick the one I have the highest motivation to do. I’ll then get on a roll and all the other tasks will go smoother too if I’m lucky.

2. Combine it with something fun

Biking to work? Put on a great podcast.

Have to dish wash in the lunch break? Ask your colleagues for their favourite new artist and throw it on the sound system.

Gotta meet a tight deadline tomorrow? Allow yourself to play Counterstrike every third hour.

If you only use the whip you’ll work slower in the long run. If you only work with the carrot, though, you risk being tempted too often.

3. Think about why you’re doing this

Force yourself to ask “Why” repeatedly to get to the root of what you’re doing.

Why exactly am I writing this blog post number one billion?

I’m doing it to publish content, help people, drive traffic and get better at it.


To build my company


To get a work and life situation where I can be in charge


Because that’s where I know I’m happiest

Where do you want to be in 5 years? What would you do if you won $20M dollars?

Map out your ideal life to know what you’re striving for. That makes all the small tasks much easier to cope with. You can use the popular book Business Model You and all its small tools to understand yourself better.

4. Games!

There’s a reason pretty much every human on earth is or is becoming a gamer.

Let the game elements flow into your worklife!

This week I created a quest for myself: “Engage in 10 conversations on Twitter per day, for the next 10 days”. And put it up on my kitchen wall to keep track. The feeling of circling a day was enough to make it more engaging (simple minds).

Play with streaks, scoreboards, rewards, badges, teams, seasonal campaigns, points, theme days and weeks, narratives and duels.

5. Embrace failure mon amis

If you can’t fail for real, trying is much easier.

I really admire the American way of perceiving failure as a way of learning and sign of brave risk taking. Failing forward is not a cliché if you ask me.

You’re working to 1) make a living and 2) having fun and 3) making a difference.

Failure is a key component in all three whether you like it or not, so better stay today than tomorrow embracing it.

6. Overall work setup: Autonomy, Purpose, Mastery

EVERYTHING can be changed.

My brothers and I have always had this attitude.

Laws are made by people, work places are made by people, social structures are made by people. And so forth. This means they can be bent and discarded.

As soon as you realise this you can work on bending it to your will.

Want more autonomy in your job? Propose change to your boss.

Many people settle with something they’re not truly happy with because they don’t perceive their situation as capable of change. Or themselves. It might not be easy or be doable over night, but every aspect of your life is in your hands. Take advantage of this and you’re on your first step to energy-filled Monday mornings.