Artwork From The Pirate-Battle Arcade Game ‘Scuffle Scoundrels’


Concept art Scuffle Scoundrels
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Creative Process

Scuffle Scoundrels is a 4-player pirate-battle arcade game, made with retro graphics and sound design. The concept is simple to grasp. Collect different power-ups, maneuver your ship around enemies and then do your very best to blast them to Davy Jones locker.

Arcade Game Concept Art

The game is being developed by Moped Games, a company based in Viborg, Denmark. Morten and Peter, the co-creators of the company, wish to provide the industry with world-class entertainment, working on no less than 3 very different original games at this time (with Scuffle Scoundrels being one of them). Both Peter and Morten are graduated students from the famous animation school, The Animation Workshop, and this clearly shows in the visual quality of their work.

Captain 01 Character design
Captain 02 Character design
Captain 03 Character design
Captain 04 Character design

Seeing how the early version of this pirate game was a huge success at conferences and expos, the team behind the game decided to add an extra layer of visual appeal. After all, what is a ship without its captain and crew? They therefore designed a marvelous line-up of creative characters, making the game radiate with personality and humor. We’re in this blog happy to share with you some of the amazing artwork produced, with a specific focus on the character design process.

Color design
Color design

If you like what you see, we would like to mention that Scuffle Scoundrels is currently available on GameJolt and, and can be yours for the low price of $2 + VAT. This pays for the current playable version along will all future updates the game might have.

Character select 01
Character select
Clean captains