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How Animating a Daily Piece Keeps Everything Fresh

I started the habit of creating daily animations in order to try and better my animation skills more broadly. With each animation I try and develop a specific skill. I often try to create animations that test my ability’s limits. This often occurs in the form of animating liquids or 3D objects: I’ll usually choose a technique that I’m not particularly strong at, or haven’t tried before, and I’ll try and incorporate it into the design in a way that turns out to be aesthetically pleasing. If, when creating the animation, I have to stop and think about how something would work, then I know that I’m testing my brain and therefore learning. By challenging myself...
Making of game Emporium

Creative Processes: Game Designer Tom Kitchen

“EMPORIUM is a short interactive vignette. Exploring notions of escapism, loss and a fragmented sense of self in the wake of a personal tragedy. These pockets of dissonant clarity are a vain effort to find beauty, poetry and reason in one's bleakest and most desperate moments.”
Prove it music video still

The Creative Process of Making Kool A.D.'s Music Video "Prove It"

Hey, who are you? My name is Ronald Grandpey, and I am a French animator, comics artist and illustrator. I have been making comics under various aliases for 20 years or so, and have been a freelance animator since 2005, mostly working on music videos and other music-related projects.
Craft redesign

Craft 2.0: Designing The Next Version Of Experiencing Creative Processes

Hey everyone, we’re far from done iterating on what the ultimate way of getting behind the screen is. In fact, these days we’re outlining the first big overhaul of Craft. This means better loading speed, a nice new layout, easier navigation and new delicious features.
Oddworld splash

Oddworld: New n Artsy

As the wait goes on, it should be worthwhile to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with the company and its world before their new vision arrives.
Introducing metaphors: creativity tool

Use Metaphors to Brain Kick Your Project!

In this blog post I will present a way to think differently about what you’re creating. To think laterally. Of all tips and tricks, methods and tools that promise to help you stay creative, this one is my favourite (and I’ve tried a lot).
5 beautiful games

5 Beautiful Games You Should Know

We asked the Craft community what games have the most beautiful visuals. Here's the top five, with five very different but all very gorgeous looks.
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Creative Processes: Motion Designer Pedro Allevato

My key feature when it comes to animation is imagination, it’s all me in my own mind bringing my ideas to life in my favorite art form which is animation. The thing is I’m not too smart when it comes to anything art related, I never took animation class, I never studied forms of art, I kinda just grab a piece of paper or my drawing tablet and draw whatever i feel like drawing. If you were to ask me the basics of animation i wouldn’t know what to tell you, which is funny considering people actually ask me that.

Everything In Its Right Place

It was little over a year ago now that I first sat foot in the Craft office. A humble, but stylish room located on the top floor of an old building in the heart of Copenhagen. Built in 1854, it had previously served as nothing less than both the Danish Navy’s Recruit Facility and later a girls school. Now though, the building houses many different firms, among these the newly started Craft. As I entered the office, there stood my two new colleagues, Emil and Frederik, the founders of Craft. I knew them both well though, as they had been friends of mine for close to ten years (not going to lie, there was probably a little bit of nepotism involved in my hiring), but hey - they needed someone who could work for close to no pay and I was that guy.
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Storytelling In An Image

A film that is totally strange to us means we can't relate to any of the characters, we can't recognize how the world works, and the storyline feels convoluted. A movie that is completely familiar lacks anything interesting. We don't care that John Doe gets up every morning at a quarter till 8 and downs a coffee. We already know what a day at college or at the office looks like. What makes a film great is being able to relate to the characters, seeing them do those familiar things, but at the same time seeing that they aren't quite like us.