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In the name of transparency

This article is part of our new monthly series, where we share the status of our business and lifes around Craft — The Art of Visual Storytelling.

Our hope is to give you, our great community, a sense of what is going on behind the scenes. #ShareYourProcess preaching practiced.

You can read part 1: July here.

Nice New Content

We’re striving to serve you as much great content as possible. At the same time we don’t want to compromise on quality of the material and the way it’s preserved. We owe that to you and the content creators. This balance will be a continous thing to practice, but we found that August went well.

August news:
Boy and the World

The Secret of Kells animatic batch 2

The Secret of Kells Layout Animation

The Renter by Jason Carpenter

Background Source Files from Song of the Sea

And a new segment called ‘Where do Ideas Come From?

August announcements:


Mark Oftedal

The Forest Beyond

The Gruffalo


We can’t wait to share the material of those badass projects.

Where do Ideas Come From?

On Craft you will be able to get much closer to the professional content creators whose projects are on the platform. One of our first initiatives in this endeavour is this new series where the directors share their thoughts on how to stay creative and spur ideas. Tomm Moore starts out by explaining how ideas can be cultivated.

Soft Funding and a Bronze Medal

Denmark is a brilliant place to start a business. Not only is it cheap or even free to start a company, there is also plenty of public initiatives and funds to apply to. We were very pleased with securing a soft funding round with Innovation Fund Denmark, which will be used to develop new ways of presenting material on Craft; we want to innovate and seek out more dynamic, interactive and insightful user experiences that really allows you to understand and learn from the creative processes of our content producers.

We also participated in Creative Business Cup Denmark, a championship of the most innovative creative Danish startups. We might have missed two nights of proper sleep, but we took home the third prize including a special 9 month business development program with Copenhagen Business School of Entrepreneurship. Two important steps in becoming a full-blown startup and delivering much more content to our users.

The Craft Team

As a user you rarely hear about the day-to-day lifes of the people in the company. After all you’re here for the content. But we think a subscription based service is about building a relationship in some form with our users. We like getting to know you, and perhaps you’d like to get to know us to some extend as well. Just a bit, don’t worry.

Emil, Co-founder. I recently graduated as a MSc in Service Design and had the pleasure of starting up Craft, writing my thesis and taking an extra class simultaneously. Now I’m thrilled to be able to work full time on starting Craft.

Frederik, Co-founder. He started the animation company Nørlum, who co-produced Song of the Sea and Long Way North. He’s still the CEO and partner there, as well as a partner in Craft.

Anders Stjerne Nielsen, File Guru. He’s the one receiving all the files we get from content creators’ hard-drives. He sorts through thousands, supported by Twitch channels running on the screen to keep everything interesting.

Cav Bøgelund, Community Manager. Cav is a Danish director, who is ever-interested in everything film, game and animation. He has recently joined the Craft team and will be the guy in front of the screen when we set out to interview every creative person on earth to learn how awesome stuff is made.

Jamie K. Bolio, Content and Customer Acquisition. Jamie is very well connected and understands how to start conversations with all the content creators we’re interested in collaborating with. She has worked at Disney for many years and now runs 62 GEORGE STREET, which is a global representation-PR/Mktg with many clients including Cartoon Saloon, KILA, Paper Panther, GKIDS, the NFB and Craft.

Jericca Cleland and Claus Toksvig Kjær, partners. Jericca is a director who has been working at Pixar for many years, and recently entering Nørlum as a partner with Frederik and producer, Claus. Both Jericca and Claus represent Craft worldwide, starting conversations with content creators about featuring on Craft.

There, a bit of background information on us 🙂

Thank you for sticking around in August as well — September we will present ahellava lot of great content. Promise.

— Anything you’d like us to work on in September? Let us know 🙂

Emil —  Co-founder and Creative Director of Craft.


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