Following Craft: December 2016


This article is part of our monthly series, where we share the status of our business and lives around our startup Craft — The Art of Visual Storytelling.

Our hope is to give you, our great community, and anyone interested in startups a sense of what is going on behind the scenes. #ShareYourProcess preaching, practiced.

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following craft

Decided to go to Japan

In December we decided to focus more on Asia in 2017, starting with Japan and South Korea. Therefore we’ve set out to go there for two months, meeting with content creators, universities and anyone in the animation, manga and animé industry. If any of you have contacts or projects from the region  then please reach out, so we can get the platform filled with these new types of content. That would be deadly-awesome.

Craft has been picked as a case study for a Japanese growth initiative, so we’ll explore the opportunity of setting up a local branch that can continue to search for Asian content and be the boots on the ground in the region. For you as a user, this would result in a chance of seeing the highest quality Japanese productions *wink wink*. So fingers crossed!

Product market fit — now product channel fit

In entrepreneurship you can work with different stages of validation — we’ve conceptualised a business, built a platform, verified that people are willing to pay for it. Cool. Next step is now finding the channels where we can reach anyone who might benefit from the product. Therefore we’re spending a lot of our waking hours trying out different marketing methods, evaluating which one proves most fruitful.

We went product heavy

One aspect of Craft that is quite popular is source files. Therefore we decided to get a lot more products out there. We hope you noticed this and got your hands on some of them. 


December was of course Christmas Holidays. We did something incredible and took time off. Not working, yep. It’s already proved useful, and we’ve kicked off 2017 with a new load of energy.

Thank you for sticking around in December as well — January will probably mean two awesome individual artists sharing their artwork, Nerdland by Titmouse, the referral program going live, much more content, a new dashboard, a zoom function, new AMAs, audio commentaries and and and…We’re amping up pretty much every aspect of the company in January, expect to see a lot of new things. See you there!

Anything you’d like us to work on in January? Let us know in a comment below.

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