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With our recently launched feature Craft Cards, we’ve created a platform for sharing advice on how to get indie projects seen in the crowd.

We want to invite you, users of the Craft platform, to share your advice and help you drive traffic to your own channels in the process. No need to be a successful anything – we’re interested in any type of learning from the stage you’re at right now, whether you be a student or an industry veteran. Others will be at your stage too, and might learn a great deal from your mistakes or successes in making a life of your art.

By sharing advice you get

  • Traffic for your LinkedIn/portfolio/project page
  • Get your name and project seen
  • Pass on advice to help others
  • Create a community of sharing and put a focus on getting indie projects seen in the crowd

Click the button below, fill out the quick form and we’ll get back to you when your card is approved and featured on Cards. 

Feature update | Craft

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