Where To Get Feedback Online


Feedback matters

Getting feedback is crucial to any design process and can benefit both the designer and the design in many ways. But it’s not always easy to find friends and colleagues around you to give this feedback, let alone users from your target group, to whom you’re designing.

Luckily, there are sites that help you getting this feedback. I gathered this list of services to give you an overview.

Startups / websites

The following services are relevant in getting feedback on your website.

FeedbackloopGet user testemonials for your site

Delighted — User feedback on your site or product with rating and comments

Talktousers — Decide what you want feedback on, UX experts design research and send reports from the user data

Intercom — Chat bubble feature where you can have conversations with your users, set automative messages triggered upon their actions and much more

Erlybird — Users get 10$ to give feedack on an early startup

Doorbell.io — User feedback tool with comments

Lesschurn — Adds a questionnaire to your ‘delete account’ section

Impraise — Feedback on your own work capabilities


These services are useful for getting feedback on designs.

InsiteTeam tool to get design feedback. Also for clients

Codedesign — Team design feedback, annotations

Redpen — Team design feedback, annotations

Conjure — Team design feedback, annotations

Kivo — Team design feedback, annotations

Notableapp — Team design feedback

Mocky — Annotations feedback

InVision — The best feedback and prototype tool

Pixelfold — Get feedback from a professional designer early in the process

Sixty.me — Design feedback from proffesionals. Received in an audio file

Pickfu — Feedback on visual stuff from users, mostly design 20$ — 300$ pricing

Pixiv — A Japanese mastodont that lets you post your WIP artwork and have the community rate it

Usabilityhub — Usertests with real people to help you make design decisions with confidence

Dribbble— Design and artwork hub, that works both as a portfolio and feedback community. Invitation only and mostly for graphic design

Behance— Design and artwork hub, that works both as a portfolio and feedback community

DeviantArtThe world’s largest art gallery and community. Post your work and get feedback through the comments

Social media

There are plenty social media groups that revolve around getting and giving feedback. Search for the media type of your design and “feedback” on the following social media channels.

Facebook — Many groups in design, animation and photography.

Instagram — Use hashtags such as #WIP #ShareYourProcess #transparency



Google+ — Interestingly there is a vibrant community in many creative arts.


Domain specific forums— The niche you’re in, e.g. “animation forums”

Reddit — Very active feedback communities


These last services are either more specific or very general.

Flotsm — Ask anything in a poll format

15five — Feedback from employees on their work situation

Pheedloop — Feedback on events, booths and conferences

AudiokiteFeedback on music. Users fill out a survey, 41cents per response

Webook — Feedback on your writing

SurveyMonkeyCreate Surveys, Get Answers

Typeform — Challenging SurveyMonkey

Trustpilot — Users review your site and provide you with feedback