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You might have heard about our art book that’s currently in the works via a Kickstarter campaign – if not, take a moment to check it out

But, ‘How We Crafted’ isn’t limited to the book only. We’re working hard on setting up a similar experience, right here on the Craft platform. It will be just as engaging and insightful as the chapters in the book and will cover just as many aspects of the animation business. The chapters will contain interviews with the creators, telling their story from the production of the project. Along with this will be images and videos, enhancing the experience.

We’re excited to finally be able to announce the first two chapters of the collection. They’ll be ‘How We Crafted The Animation Style of Song of the Sea‘ and ‘How We Crafted A Friendship for Junkyard’.


How We Crafted | ‘Song of the Sea’ & ‘Junkyard’ 

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