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Hi everyone,

We created something new – It’s called Craft ECHOES, and we would love for you to be one of the first to give it a try 🙂

We will be encouraging everyone in the creative industries to come and share short audio echoes (insights) on subjects relevant to all. The idea is to curate sharing of key learnings that are not easily documented besides speaking your mind. Each bit will serve as a bite-sized podcast and you can then play them all in succession to keep the experiences and stories of other creatives flowing to you 🙂

Eventually you will be able to sort by craft, subject and location as well as echo (like/upvote) ones you think are especially rewarding to listen to. For now we are testing the subject and beginning to invite a small group to test and feedback with us.

A few sentences we think that goes well with it are:

If no one shares, no one learns.

It only takes 10mins to share the experience of a lifetime.

Hope you’ll join in and share something valuable you’ve learned about your Craft 🙂

The Craft Team

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