Magnetique, the world’s first VR comic, joins Craft

New exciting project is joining Craft

There’s first for everything, including the booming, ever-evolving world of Virtual Reality. ‘Magnetique’ is the world’s first VR 3D 360-degree comic and we’re very happy to have them joining us here on Craft.

A young puppeteer lands on Cyan’s coast, a small and meagre seaside village, to narrate one of the most romantic stories the poor inhabitants has ever heard. With his itinerant stage, the young man will travel through all the coast’s villages followed by more and more spectators anxious to know how the story ends. But what the puppeteer hides, is a story within a story, which will soon come to life in light and flames.

The project is developed by Oniride, a company based in Rome, Italy. The idea came from their Head Developer, Fabio Corrirossi, and the illustrations are done by artist Emilio Pilliu.

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