My intellect may not be on the highest level but my imagination is infinite


My Imagination Is Infinite

By T3 Artworks

Animator/Character Designer

Personal story

My key feature when it comes to animation is imagination, it’s all me in my own mind bringing my ideas to life in my favorite art form which is animation. The thing is I’m not too smart when it comes to anything art related, I never took animation class, I never studied forms of art, I kinda just grab a piece of paper or my drawing tablet and draw whatever i feel like drawing. If you were to ask me the basics of animation i wouldn’t know what to tell you, which is funny considering people actually ask me that.

Most of the time i just make something up, of course i have an idea of it but it’s mostly me just stating my first steps. My introduction to animation is simple – I loved watching cartoons and animated movies as a kid, and when an adult told me to read a book I simply couldn’t. Books bore me which is exactly why I switched from comics to animation. At first I was so lazy that I just drew comics to show my stories to the world which wasn’t bad, but i didn’t read comics myself so it kinda didn’t fit well with me, so I went out and bought me a drawing tablet with some new animation software and I started drawing pictures frame by frame and made my first animation. It was horrible but that didn’t matter to me, because it felt good. I finally made a form of art that I always looked up to and I knew it was challenging, animation is probably one of the hardest things to do when it comes to art forms.

With that in mind it just made me want to do it more, so almost everyday from when I started I hopped on my computer and started animating. I would animate hair movement to talking animations to even action sequences which are the hardest but I would always take a step back close my eyes and picture the animation in my head first. This way I have some sort of plan as to what I would be doing. After that I would act the scene out with my own body. Feeling out how the character would move through myself really helped me to understand the movement and how the animation could look more realistic. This way I was slowly getting better by the day. To this day I still do this, and I still never read up on how animation really works but I’m still doing it my way, but who knows maybe I will go back and look at the basics just to see what I missed, for now though I’m gonna just keep on animating and doing the best I can. 

And remember if you want to animate just do it, see what you can get done just by pure imagination and memory of the cartoons you watched cause you just might have the talent to put pictures together better than most, because at the end of the day that’s all animation really is.