We’re making our roadmap public: Follow the plan of upcoming features

Craft roadmap

Let’s get transparent

From the day we started talking about making Craft, we agreed that transparency is important. We strive to be a transparent company! 
You should always have a good idea what features, content and new initiatives are coming your way. 
We haven’t been as good at this as we would like to.
So measures are taken!
We’re starting by making our internal feature roadmap public. This means you can see what is released in the months to come. Things might change as a startup like ours needs to be agile, but at any rate we wish to bring you along on this journey.
And of course, as always, we encourage feedback, so feel welcome to comment on each card.
We’ve used Trello as it’s our internal tool to keep track of things.
Thank you for being part of this and we’re looking forward to not only share more of what we are doing and who we are, but also getting to know all of you better.
To a transparent Q2 of 2017 ✌️


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