Story artist Matt Jones coming to Craft

Announcing New Individual Artist

We’re filling up our individual artist ranks here on Craft. The newest one to join us is story artist Matt Jones.

Matt has worked in the animation industry for 20 years at studios across the globe including Aardman and Pixar. He has worked across all departments of animation production from animation, design and layout to story and directing. He has taught story-boarding and gesture drawing and and written articles and talked on those subjects at conventions and festivals.  Working in France he established a friendship with famous British cartoonist Ronald Searle and curated an exhibition of his work and edited a collection of Searle’s US work published by Fantagraphics. Matt recently had a solo art exhibition in Los Angeles at Center Stage Gallery who also published a book collection of his plein air paintings from around the US. He has also self-published two book collections of his gesture drawing. He is currently based in Los Angeles where he is in development on an independent feature film.


New Individual Artist | Matt Jones

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