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5 Great Work Life Tools for Creatives

Working in the creative industry means there's a lot of focus on creating, producing and promoting... But not very often do we stop up and think about how we are doing things. As our passion here at Craft is the creative process, but just as important is planning for the future and reflecting on our learnings. That's why in this post, I'll present some tools that can help you get more structure in your work life.
indie game developer tools

Sky Labyrinth - A Closer Look at Developer Tools

We began on July 1st, 2015 by designing and prototyping over the course of 8 months – a small indie team working evenings and weekends. We continuously iterated on the implementation of our core game design: an autorunner (a la Temple Run) that allows the player to go in many directions, rather than left or right. Dubbed “Omni-directional Runner”, while the implementation details changed frequently, we remained true to this simple high-level design. Upon arriving at a suitably fun and playable implementation, based around solving mazes, we began building out a simple tool to create content titled MazeGen. When fed a number of prefabs (components of a maze) along with a number of optional parameters, MazeGen instantiates a playable maze. As we would later come to realize, this was the embryo that would eventually grow into our suite of developer tools.
creating a webcomic

Creating a Webcomic With Jeremey Chinshue

Hi! I’m Jeremey Chinshue, or “TerminalMontage” on the internets. I’m a 2D-Animator, Comic Artist and Storyboard Artist. Right now I mainly work for Butch Hartman (of Fairly Oddparents fame), but I also do some freelance work and lately I’ve been trying to get out more parody cartoons on my Youtube channel!
game art process

The Creative Process of Game Artist Student Tim Schipper

Heya! My name is Tim Schipper, I’m a sprinter game artist from the Netherlands who is about to graduate in my 3rd year of the 4 year game art course at the GL Utrecht. I love coffee, making horrible puns and I’m passionate about game art. In my spare time I draw art, practice, mess around in Unity3D, make pixel dailies for twitter, work on several projects which I sometimes with do with fellow developers or sometimes personally. I’m aiming to do anything that will contribute to a wider skill set so I can function as an indie.
animation film or graphic novel

The Differences Between Making An Animation Film And A Graphic Novel

I’m a filmmaker and writer from London. I’ve been making animation both long form and short form for film and video games. I’ve worked as the lead artists for film and games companies including The Moving Picture Company (Harry Potter 3, 4, Alien vs Predator and Batman), Double Negative (Harry Potter 5), Aardman Animation (Pirates!), Splash Damage (Brink), Codemasters (Operation Flashpoint 2) and Lionhead (Fable).
staying motivated

6 Tips On Staying Motivated

It’s not a one-size-fits-everyone solution, but it’s kept me going for years now, so something is probably useful to others than me. Here we go.
3d sculpting

How Digital Sculptor Francesco Orrú Creates Stunning Miniatures

My name is Francesco Orrù, I’m 27, from Italy and I’ve lived in London 4 years now. I’m a digital sculptor and freelance 3D artist with a background of 3 years now I’m in 3D printing, games and wargame miniatures.
A Look At Game Design

My Creative Process: A look At Dan Kenny Game Design

My name is Dan and I am an independent game developer based in Kilkenny, Ireland. For the last few years, I have worked on my own game projects with a focus on narrative and immersion. As with most creative processes, be it games, animation or something else it begins with an idea. Now, that idea or ideas usually come in bits and pieces throughout the entire development of a game. Very rarely do you get an idea for a game that’s fully formed in your mind. A lot of the times it could start out as an idea for a character and then you start to fill in the blanks about this character in your mind. Where do they come from? What is there motivation and from there you start thinking about what kind of world they fit in.

Working In Claymation: Making Of Music Video 'Stranger Danger'

I began the process by having the band send me all of their ideas; I asked for images, videos, songs, lists - anything that would help to give me a true sense of what they had in mind.
Making of game Emporium

Creative Processes: Game Designer Tom Kitchen

“EMPORIUM is a short interactive vignette. Exploring notions of escapism, loss and a fragmented sense of self in the wake of a personal tragedy. These pockets of dissonant clarity are a vain effort to find beauty, poetry and reason in one's bleakest and most desperate moments.”