Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn

New Project on Craft

A new project has joined the ranks of Craft! ‘Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn’ is a 3D animated short created by Techno Image. This is what they had to say themselves about the film:


In 2013 some of us from Techno Image went to an event called “Trojan Horse was a Unicorn”. We didn’t know it at the time but we were immersed in of the best events in the CGI market and arts in the world, focusing much more on the artist, than in the market or technology.

We were profoundly changed by those 4 intense days and it was with great happiness we started working on this film, which is the official spot for the 2014 edition of the event.


We’ll be releasing content from the production the coming weeks so stay tuned for more!

New Project | Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn

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