Future platform features

These are things we are working on and hope to add in the weeks and months to come

  • Zoom option in Lightbox viewer to get real close

    Quite a few have already asked for a zoom function to get closer to the artwork – we’re on it!

    With some of the images like color scripts and pages containing many thumbnails, we’re planning a quicker fix by making bigger images of the thumbnails and screen them individually.

    News of this going live will be posted in the – you guessed it – News section!

  • Process Icon Links

    We will soon begin to add Icons below video files that link to the surrounding process of that shot. Want to see the storyboard leading to this video – click the Storyboard icon below!

  • Add to cart option when browsing images

    We’d like to allow subscribers to buy every piece of material as print.

  • Easy way to spot artist comments

    Artist comments are a central part of our learning material. We plan to enhance this by promoting the visibility of the comments, so it shines through the raw material.

  • Add to collection

    We want to provide you with the option to pin images and video to your personal collection. The material is only increasing on Craft and it we want to keep it easy to always find the pieces you want to return to.

  • Filtering system

    Browsing will become much more fluent. Want to find something in red hues? Or background designs with water? Our upcoming overhaul of The Cave will make everything instantly reachable by a filter dashboard. No more going back and forth in the menu.

  • The story of a project

    We are now nearing in on 100.000 pieces of process artwork. While we will continue to add more each week, the next focus is giving an experience of the creative process of a project, not just the content, but how it is linked. A story if you will. We will redesign the specific pages for each project, tailored to tell the story of how everything came about.