Upcoming Project: Chez Moi

Short film

We’re excited to announce that the beautiful short film ‘Chez Moi’ will be joining Craft soon!

The film is about the young boy Hugo whose mother returns home and the following day Hugo begins to find black feathers all over his house. The film was directed and written by Phuong Mai Nguyen and co-written by Patricia Valeix. It was released in 2015.  


Here’s how Phuong Mai Nguyen describes the themes of ‘Chez Moi’.

The story of “My home” came from this obsessive image representing a man with a bird head and from this mysterious and frightening appearance which arises and interferes among a boy and his mother’s exclusive relationship. The film is based on Hugo’s unique point of view. It’s through the child’s eyes that we see things. It’s when we identify ourselves with Hugo that we follow him through this upheaval of life. Then, the recomposed family subject becomes something unexpected and explores a territory where sourness and poetic breakaway are mixed up, and which is fulled of images and emotions that are familiar to each one of us. Hugo’s journey takes him to the boundary between a childhood and the adult’s world, immerses him in the land between realism and dream, confronts him to a character between humanity and animality.  

Stay tuned for more!



New Project | Chez Moi

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