Upcoming Project: Ticking Away

Short film

We love the format of short films. So much story and emotion packed into a small time frame, and this project is no exception. ‘Ticking Away’ is the story of a watchmaker who seeks solace in his work. Then one evening he gets to repair a very special watch…

‘Ticking Away’ is not autobiographical but it’s very close to the heart of it’s creator, Michael Sewnarain. Repairing antique clocks was a passion of his father and Michael has many fond memories of the numerous clocks that were standing, hanging and lying around in their apartment, waiting to be repaired.

Michael wrote and directed the film. Willem Thijssen produces for CinéTé. Other crew members are: Brun Croes, who painted the backgrounds, the guys at Fabrique Fantastique in Geel composed and colored the film and the music was composed by Reinhard Vanbergen, from the Belgian pop formation ‘Das Pop’.

We’re looking forward to share material from the film. Stay tuned for more!


New Project | Ticking Away

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