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Use Curves to design your visuals for likeability

Emil Villumsen

By Emil Villumsen| Co-founder of Craft

Why do all smartphone designs suddenly have curves?

We’re simply wired to prefer curves over sharp or angled images.

Your content marketing strategy (a fancy way of saying the articles, images, video, podcasts and whatmore you create for your fans) can take advantage of the same gestalt laws and perception studies as your project.

One rule is to use curves.

Use this rule!

For your next content update for Instagram or Twitter, here are ways to use curves to design for likeability.

1. Use curvy edges

Break the sharp edges of social media posts and screen sizes with rounded edges, similar to the design of playing cards. 

2. Use dots or bullet points

Bullet points is bullet proof (booyah) way of adding circular shapes to your designs and updates.

3. Add circles to your design

The graphical style of geometrics shapes have been popular for a couple of years now. Simply adding circles and other shapes to your design can increase your posts’ likeability.

4. Rounded icons

Icons are a great tool of communication. By choosing the rounded stylistic versions you’re sure to design for this likeability rule.

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