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There’s always a huge difference between the amount of material that is produced and what is shared. Thousands of animation tests, concept artworks, storyboards, scripts in different versions etc. just lies around. You’re part of Craft, so you know the story. And you probably appreciate this material flowing back into the industry, through places like Craft.

So you like what’s happening. But how can you help this movement of transparency?

I’ll share my thoughts of things you can do today.

Comment and ask questions

Go through the artwork and ask questions to the creators. Others will benefit from your answers, feel encourage and ask they own, which will spark confidence in chance of engaging with creators on Craft

Spread the word

Tell any students around you that Craft got pricing plans to accommodate for their economic situation. Let animation and game development peers know — the more people we have onboard the platform we can make and the better content we’re able to bring you.

Encourage creators to share

Use #ShareYourProcess hashtag and tweet @ your favourite content creators. We’ll monitor the hashtag and follow up when you’ve encouraged them to share their content. Normally they’re happy to, they just don’t know that we exist!

Share your own material

The movement is about transparency in creative processes in general. Why not start with your own projects? Show a sketch earlier than what feels comfortable at first and let your assets free. It’ll come back tenfold.

Get people on a free trial

When spreading the word, take advantage of the free trial. Your friends might not be ready to commit for a subscription, but they can always test things out, see if it’s something for them

Follow channels

Not on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook yet? Boosting our presence there will make it easier for us to spread the word and grow Craft= more content and learning material to you.

Write a guest blog post

We’ve initiated our guest blogging, which is a quite casual thing…no need to be an expert or genius writer, just share your story. It drives traffic to Craft and you get rewarded with networking opportunities, 3 free source files and help drive the movement forward. Get started here.

Give feedback

We know, it sucks to answer surveys and write feedback. You’re not here for our sake, but for your own, learning and getting inspired. In the long run though, giving feedback creates value for you as well. We really listen. And it doesn’t have to be in the long run, as we try to act quickly on what you, the users, care about. And it doesn’t have to be a long conversation, just drop us a line if you have things you’d like to be different on the site, content you want to see, think things are too expensive or that we spam you. Starting this business, it really surprised me how much we CRAVE hearing back hehe. So know that you help by speaking up 🙂

Thank you everyone for being part of this *mass high five*


Anything you’d like us to work on for instance?

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